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Why Fabric

See project progress

With Issue Rooms and two-way syncing, you'll see the status of any project live.

Collaborate in realtime

Fabric creates spaces for conversations, so your team can work together more fluidly.

Share updates

With Issue Rooms, teammates find it easier to raise blockers and ask for feedback sooner.


Create issues with emojis

React on a message to quickly create an issue.

Approachable for everyone

Your whole team will be able to learn this workflow, because all it takes is a Slack reaction.


Slack-integrated issue templates

Make issue creation simple for your team with powerful workflows.

Use our best practices

Not sure where to start? Use our recommended set of templates.

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Issue Rooms are slick. Having a more real-time way to discuss and track issues has been long overdue.

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Brandon Arvanaghi
CEO at Meow

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