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Why Fabric

For your whole team

We designed Fabric for your whole team, not just engineers.

Scale your processes

Create powerful and intuitive workflows that integrate with Slack.

Better communication

Issue Rooms give engineers a place to communicate blockers early.


Send notifications to your channels

Set up special Slack channels to stay on top of incoming issues.

Use powerful filters

Set up label filters, so you'll only receive the notifications your team needs.


Slack-integrated issue templates

Make issue creation simple for your team with powerful workflows.

Use our best practices

Not sure where to start? Use our recommended set of templates.


Edit the issue directly

Edit, comment on, and close out your issue, directly from the notification.

Mark as triaged

Click "Done editing" to signal to your team that the issue has been addressed.

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We love using Fabric! And it was a breeze to set up.

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