Slack-integrated issue tracking for your entire team

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Quickly file an issue

Click on an existing Slack message or type "/issue" to create an issue. Easily group up to 20 messages.

Integrates with GitHub

Anyone on your team can create issues in your GitHub organization's public or private repositories.


Add details

Choose assignees, labels, and set a milestone or project - all without leaving Slack.


Start a thread on the message to easily add notes. Supports text, images, and files.

Route issues

Create dedicated lanes for triaging issues of a certain type.

Slack message details of an issue


We've built noiseless 2-way syncing, so anyone on your team can collaborate from anywhere. No unwanted notifications or distractions.

Issue Rooms

Your space to collaborate

Issue Rooms are special channels for heads-down work with stakeholders.

Synced with your issue

All messages sync with your GitHub issue as comments (even threads!).

Archive when you're done

Issue Rooms are ephemeral, so you can quickly close out issues.

Full slack window of and example of an issue room

Designed for your team

Reduce Slack noise

Our workflows let you move product-building conversations out of your busiest channels.

Collaborate faster

Your team will close issues faster with conversation-based collaboration that feels natural for everyone.

Include your whole team

Fabric lets you involve all stakeholders in product building, from the beginning to the end.

Scale your process

Fabric is designed to be easy enough for small teams to get started with, and for larger teams to grow with.

Start building again.

You've spent too much time trying to link your conversations with your issues. It's time to try Fabric.
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